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L8 - Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021

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Chairperson David Brown 082 7794945
Vice chair Wayne Henstock 072 3446193
Treasurer Angela Brown 082 4506674
Member Leslie Pieters 082 3778081
Secretary Scotty Gildenhuys 082 4855641

Chapman's Peak Caravan Park 28th May 2021 (AGM)
Friday was a pleasant day although rain had been predicted, I was pleased to find Dawn and
Brian were set up on the right hand side, as Rhia had warned me at reception, that a crowd was
expected on the Left. Poor Leslie and Marieta had set up without chatting to Rhia and they were
on the left and had to move. Not that easy once everything is unpacked and settled.
Being good campers they complied and soon were re set up in the right place.
David arrived shortly after, not looking well at all but manfully settled his rig in place too.
We all later enjoyed the braai and chat at Les and Marietas' van, aided by a nice bottle of red.
It wasn't really cold so we chatted quite late. It was great to catch up with everyone, although we
missed Angela who was also not well at all.

Saturday morning was chilly, there had been rain during the night but it was starting to clear up.
We all did our thing shopping and walking, Aaron arrived to be babysat while Nikki and Dennis
went off sailing. Later we were joined by Sue and Doug and Caleb, and Martin and Jill.
By 2.30 pm we had a nice complement of members enough for the quorum to be met and we
could proceed with the AGM.

Thankfully Dave and Angela had decided to continue in their positions and Wayne accepted the
position of Vice Chair , Leslie will carry on as a member and I agreed to be Secretary.
While all were present , we decided to hold Indaba with the aim of getting suggestions for future
outspans and stir up enthusiasm for camping again .
Later we all enjoyed a delicious tea , carrot cake and all the other nice goodies to celebrate
Marieta's 70 th Birthday, wishing her Many Happy Healthy years ahead. We all enjoyed
chatting together in the flesh so nice to actually see one another and appreciate good long
standing friendships. Hoping we will be able and free er to meet more in future, once we all are

We decided that as there were so few of us, we would go to the Spur for supper for the
committee meal. Dave partially subsidized us from the club so that was a nice bonus for us.
Longbeach Spur came up to scratch as usual and after we had sorted out fetching masks we all
enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny so we had leisurely breakfasts and later Marieta fined and
spooned us and passed on the Big Spoon. Nikki and Dennis collected Aaron and later the
packing up got underway. Poor Dave was looking very tired and was helped along by Brian and
Leslie and he got off on his way. Dawn and Brian had decided to prolong their weekend so we
reluctantly left them to enjoy it.

We were already welcomed to Chappies possibly our last visit there.
APOLOGIES were received from Carol, Wayne, Meryl and Allen, Sue and Doug, Rose and
Johan, Angela, Alex and Colleen, Martin and Jill.
BIRTHDAYS 12th June Angela. Happy Birthday dear Angela, hoping you
will be feeling better to enjoy your special day !
NEXT OUTSPAN Mountain Breeze 25th-27th June R250 2pn pnight R150 single
(Gate dep )
FUTURES Berg River 23rd-25th July R260 pnight
The Baths ?????? discussion reqd.
Still Waters September
Millers Point October
Fish Eagle November
Chapmans Peak December
(Still going)
SPOONS Marieta fined me R2 for dropping Dave's Wors,
Dave R5 for rushing us all to the Spur and then having to go back for mask
Big Spoon Leslie R10 for having to move his van.
SEE YOU AT MOUNTAIN BREEZE (laager21 will be there too)
Chatted to Jeanine and she says a big THANKS for supporting this last weekend.

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